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Senior Artist in Residence,
Fabrica Research Centre,
Treviso, Italy

Senior Artist
in Residence at
Fabrica Research Centre

21 Diplomatic Ferns 

21 Diplomatic Ferns is an investigation into the artist’s interest in the relationship between humans and plants that inhabit places of significant human suffering. This enquiry started on his visit to a WW2 camp outside of Berlin, where he was transfixed by the plants sprouting out of the same soil that saw industrial-scale extermination of humans.

This experience set in motion a series of questions around plants being omnipresent witnesses of history, and their role in other places of human conflict. These questions take form in a United Nations Security Council arrangement of potted ferns (ferns being some of the most abundant plant families across the world), which reenact two significant UNSC meetings—meeting 9421 about Ukraine and 9439 about the Palestinian question. The artist hopes this juxtaposition—of plant and human dialogue about conflict—will evoke in his audience their own examinations of the human condition within the simultaneously nurturing and seemingly nonchalant flora as a framework.

<<Main Installation Views

The work was shown in the 17th century villa within the Fabrica campus. It was accompanied by the video installation of two UNSC meetings playing back to back (9421 and 9439.) 

In adjacent rooms to the installation, there were tangential displays of the meeting minutes and a deconstruction of Per Krohg’s UNSC mural.

>> Adjacent displays including the collectible 1:1 scale recreation of all instances of plants in the UNSC Mural.

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