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Sethu &
Ram &
Raman &
Senior Artist in Residence,
Fabrica Research Centre,
Treviso, Italy

Senior Artist
in Residence at
Fabrica Research Centre

Closed Loop (1) Closed Loop is an attempted intervention on reality that urges the viewer to contemplate the scaffolding frame’s remnants in Tadao Ando’s signature architectural style. Although a core feature of Ando’s works, the regular inhabitants of his buildings have a tendency to see these ‘holes’ so often that they virtually cease to exist. This feature is explored through the photographic paper prints placed on top of these holes, using the holes themselves as the structural support with the help of corks. The printed holes don’t only show the viewer what is beneath the print, but also takes on a playful attitude by altering it’s sizes on print, almost as if the surface itself were glitching. Look out for the tiny dead spider!

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