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Sethu &
Ram &
Raman &
Senior Artist in Residence,
Fabrica Research Centre,
Treviso, Italy

Senior Artist
in Residence at
Fabrica Research Centre


Concept note: Pomodoro is an exercise in creating, practicing, and sharing a ritual. The artist uses a traditional South Indian oil lamp arrangement from his homeland as a starting point. An attempt is made to transplant this arrangement to engage with Tadao Ando’s architecture, almost as an offering to the space. The artist then replaces the lamps in the arrangement with kitchen timers, suggesting a dialogue between ideas of ritual and time. This arrangement also lends itself to sonic compositions that the artist and audience are encouraged to engage with tactically. The work derives its name from the Pomodoro Technique, a popular productivity exercise devised in the late 1900s, that urges an individual to break down tasks into twenty-five-minute sprints. The title suggests a tension between spirituality and productivity.

<< The lighting of oil-wick lamps around the outside perimeter walls of a temple in Kerala. This prompted early iterations of the project as shown.

>> Early stage experiments and iterations of the project.

<< Installation views from day of exhibition


More experiments can be found here (video).

The work was shown at the semester-end exhibition titled ‘Monument to Dust’ that took place on the 21st of July, 2023 at Fabrica.

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