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Senior Artist in Residence,
Fabrica Research Centre,
Treviso, Italy

Senior Artist
in Residence at
Fabrica Research Centre

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June 2023

Conceptualised for a community driven debut of a collective art show titled TRACK.change
An exploration into boundaries between the physical body and identity. Showcased next to a railway station that further highlighted the themes of borders. Told through a tactile rendition of CAPTCHA tests that the viewers were encouraged to interact with.
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Installation, Interaction,

Morning Shift
April 2023
Kinetic and material exploration under Rie Nakajima’s mentorship. 

Made with found objects.

Watch it in action here>

The Mathrubhumi Data Project
February—May 2021

Bronze medal in Wan-Infra Media awards for Infographic design
First-of-a-kind interactive data journalism effort through coverage of the 2021 Kerala Assembly elections.

Done as part of internship at the hundred year old legendary media house Mathrubhumi.

Visit the project here>

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